North Carolina Government Services

NCARCOG Services

NCARCOG Services

Community & Economic Development

Regional councils partner with federal and state resources as well as private partnerships to further economic development through water, sewer, and housing infrastructure. The councils also tackle comprehensive economic development planning.

Grant Writing & Management

Member governments and local non-profits can request grant writing and management services from their regional councils.

Planning & GIS Mapping Services

Local, regional, state, and federal agencies can work with their regional councils to craft statewide planning (in fields such as water resources, transportation, and the environment) and GIS services. 

State & Federal Program Management

The regional councils are the primary providers of federal and state programs such as aging, transportation planning, CDBG grants, HUD grants, data collection, housing programs, etc.

Workforce Development

Regional councils work with Local Workforce Development Boards to connect employers, economic developers, and job seekers to foster a qualified labor force in communities throughout the state.

Aging & Older Adult Services

North Carolina’s Area Agencies on Aging are housed at Regional Councils in order to leverage regional systems for local coordination of services and programs that enable older adults to age with dignity.

 Regional-Specific Services

Convener For Collaborative Solutions

North Carolina communities need a neutral space where they can resolve issues as they arise. The regional councils provide professional facilitation and expertise to find a solution that considers all stakeholders.

Administrative and Financial Services

Local governments are often faced with a myriad of challenges and not enough resources to carry out their mission. The regional councils step in to help by offering temporary or long-term administrative and general financial services.

Interim Executive Management and Executive Search Services

Regional councils provide interim executive management as members recruit new staff leadership. The councils provide these services at a lower cost than private consultants and are more familiar with member government needs.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Local governments can turn to their regional councils for help with budget and financial planning, dispute resolution, and retreat facilitation.

Financial Administration and Back Office Support

Many small governments contract regional councils to provide financial and administrative support. The economies of scale created through these solutions often save small communities thousands in public tax dollars.

Human Resources

North Carolina’s regional councils deliver human services daily through aging programs, volunteer systems, and innovative projects. They also help meet the transportation, healthcare, and basic needs of some of the most vulnerable citizens in their communities.

Regional Procurement Vehicle

Many regional councils offer centralized procurement services to member governments upon request. This trend aims to achieve cost savings and efficiencies in the acquisition of goods and services at a national level.

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