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Our mission is to provide creative regional solutions to relevant and emerging issues in North Carolina while providing a standard of excellence in the delivery of federal, state and regional services for our member communities.

The sixteen regional councils in North Carolina serve their member governments through a broad range of services. Some of those are traditional: delivery of federal and state programs in aging, transportation planning, workforce development, community planning – GIS mapping services and convening of regional leaders for problem solving. A more robust range of services has emerged through member demand for administrative and financial services, interim executive management, financial administration, human services program delivery and economic development.

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The North Carolina Association of Regional Councils is the leading partner in an exciting collaboration to develop a resilient North Carolina through the process titled North Carolina Tomorrow – Building Communities for Tomorrow’s Jobs.

The first phase of the NC Tomorrow initiative was the development of a Uniform Process for North Carolina to develop the NC Statewide Strategy for Comprehensive Community and Economic Development. The second phase was to roll regional strategies into a statewide plan.

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness in Arlington, Virginia worked with the Association to further develop the statewide plan. They brought a national perspective to the table along with “best practices” being carried out across the nation.

The initial NC Tomorrow initiative was a two-year process for the Association and the collaborative partners. The Association is now in the implementation phase of the work as funds become available and additional partners are identified to help lead and provide the resources necessary to carry out the strategies in the plan. The plan is a living document and continues to be updated to address the changes taking place in the North Carolina economy.